Inspired by the fall: our favorite soup spots

Even though snow is not on our weather menu here in Los Angeles, it does get rather chilly in the autumn and winter, particularly in the evenings. As the sun sets and the shadows gather, the best course of action to keep warm is to have some delicious soup. Luckily, we live in foodie heaven, and there are infinite options for this heartwarming dish in every neighborhood we serve, be it Silver Lake, Los Feliz, Highland Park, Mt. Washington, or the Valley. Here are some recent favorites that we would love to recommend:


If you are in Silver Lake, head to Pine and Crane to savor the steamy goodness of the fragrant Taiwanese beef noodle soup.  Served in beautiful artisan ceramic bowl, it’s packs an aromatic punch, and is certain to help you power through the holiday season.


Providing liquid bliss to the residents of Highland Park for the last 5 years is the local favorite Good Girl Dinette. Headed by the visionary chef Diep Tran, who aptly defined the restaurant as  “American diner meets Vietnamese comfort food,” Good Girl Dinette feels chic and bohemian while serving amazing Pho ( vegetarian options available) and yummy, hearty bowls of Porridge.


If you are hunkering for a bowl of ramen, Ramen Bangaichi of Silver Lake offers a flavorful rendition of this beloved Japanese dish. Established 50 years ago in Tokyo, Japan, the first Bangaichi restaurant was located at the Tokyo Railway Station, near the Imperial Palace grounds and the Ginza commercial district, and we feel pretty fortunate that it came to Los Feliz. We recommend Ginger Ramen, a delicious collage of char-siu pork, bamboo shoots, green onions, bean sprouts, and a fair dash of ginger, to comfort the spirit and sooth the soul.


Taix, an Echo Park stalwart, was established in 1927 and has been operated by three generations of the Taix family. The sprawling interior includes a large dining hall and a cozy bar area with retro ambiance that’s appreciated by a diverse demographic – you are equally likely to encounter a multi-generational family or a flock of the young and hip (particularly on Wednesday evenings, when local artists take over the bar for “Social Club”, a night of DJ’ing and socializing). The daily soups range from Minestrone to Clam Chowder, with the Onion Soup classic in rotation throughout the week. Settle down into a soft armchair and enjoy your abundant tureen of French country cuisine as you watch the fireplace and feel your worries melt away.

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The many lives of the Arts District

We are pretty excited about our upcoming loft listing in the Arts District and thought this would be a great opportunity to revisit the area’s fascinating history that spans from agrarian endeavors to performance art.

The tall majestic San Gabriel Mountains stand in the far background. Vineyards blanket the area between the City and the L.A. River (lower right).

It seems incredible to imagine, but in the mid-nineteenth century, the concrete expanse that we now know as the Arts District was a flourishing vineyard. Entitled El Aliso, the vineyard was planted by Jean-Louis Vignes, who arrived in Pueblo de Los Angeles from France in 1831. Within a mere 20 years, he had become the largest producer of wine in California and the first person to plant an orange grove in LA. Inspired by Vignes, additional citrus growers moved into the area. All this industrious production required transportation, so a network of railroads sprung up to accommodate the shipping needs. In turn, the presence of these railroads attracted further manufacturing  — thus, the industrial architecture designed to optimize production gradually moved in and replaced the orchards.


1897. “Young boys fill a small gasoline powered streetcar of the ‘Mateo Street & Santa Fe Ave. Street Car Co.’ seen traveling on an unpaved Santa Fe Avenue at 9th Street.”

Taking advantage of the many rail depots, by the 1910s and 1920s, the Arts District was teeming with businesses producing rubber, auto parts, and furniture. The Barker Brothers Building, where we sold two loft residencies this year, actually used to be a furniture factory. As Los Angeles grew and incorporated the outlying communities of Highland Park, Eagle Rock, and Boyle Heights, the city of LA zoned the Arts District for industrial uses. This seemed to seal the city’s fate as an array of warehouses and factories. However, by the end of WW2, things had shifted once again.

An aerial view dated 1924 of the Barker Bros. factory and warehouses. Image via Los Angeles Public Library Photo Collection.

As industrial needs evolved, railroads began to be eclipsed by the  large trucks – and those had difficulty the infrastructure built with railroads  in mind. Manufacturing began to move away to other neighborhoods, and the disused warehouse spaces began to decline.  By 1970s, artists started moving into the  abandoned buildings,  turning them into live/work studios and opening galleries. By the 1980s the former manufacturing hub was a bustling art scene, and the city passed a new ordinance that allowed artists to legally continue in their old factories and commercial buildings.

A look back at the corner of Broadway and Third Street, just in front of the Million Dollar Theater in 1972. (Los Angeles Times)

By the mid 1980s, the artists’ community was huge –  Merion Estes, Marnie Weber Joe Fay, George Herms, Mary Jones, Constance Mallinson, Paul McCarthy, Lari Pittman, John Schroeder, Judy Simonian, Andy Wilf, and Takako Yamaguchi all lived downtown. It was these artists, and the spaces they opened – like LACE (Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions), PØST gallery,  Al’s Bar on Traction Avenue, ARCO Center for Visual Art on Flower Street and others, that gave Arts District its name. In words of the LA Times critic, William Wilson written in 1985: “Nothing in recent years has so beguiled the indigenous cultural imagination as the vision of downtown Los Angeles transformed into a glittering art Mecca.”

A view of an exhibition staged by LACE at the old Cotton Exchange building in downtown Los Angeles in 1984. (LACE (Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions))

As art hubs moved to Chinatown and beyond in late 1990’s and 2000’s, the formerly industrial spaces continued to be adaptively reused and redeveloped – case in point is the beautiful Toy Factory Building, the location of the exquisite loft residence we are about to bring on the market, and all the revitalized spaces nearby, such as Urban Radish Market, Daily Dose Coffee, Church & State, Bestia, and Hauser & Wirth, and Sprueth Mager galleries, and many more – offering artful nourishment for the body and soul amidst the heart of Los Angeles history.

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Thank you, Silver Lake!

The Tracy Do Real Estate team is so honored to be voted The Best in Real Estate for the 4th year in a row. We love the vibrant neighborhood of Silver Lake and are so grateful for your support. It makes us incredibly happy to be a part of this amazing community.

We love all the Eastside neighborhoods we work in, helping people buy and sell homes in Los Feliz, Echo Park, Highland Park, Eagle Rock and Mt. Washington – but we will always hold a special place in our hearts for Silver Lake. It was there that in 2002 Tracy Do began her journey in real estate, assisting her first client with a purchase of a lovely mid-century home in the beautiful Silver Lake neighborhood of Moreno Highlands. Since that time, the Tracy Do team has grown – becoming the leader in real estate sales throughout the Eastside and setting a standard of innovative excellence that yields measurable results for our clients.

just sold in Silver Lake | 1800 SILVERWOOD TERRACE

The Tracy Do team is committed to representing properties in the most advantageous way and negotiating the very best terms for our clients. All our agents are passionate about real estate and work hard to manifest our clients’ home dreams into reality. Our team is deeply rooted in Eastside Los Angeles and is considered to be the top realtors across Silver Lake, Highland Park, Los Feliz, Eagle Rock, Mt. Washington, Atwater Village, and beyond. Living in the neighborhoods we service gives us the insight and expertise to provide the best advice to our clients as they navigate the Los Angeles real estate market.

buy a home in silver lake

home for sale in Silver Lake |1225 MANZANITA ST


We are honored by the trust that the Silver Lake community placed in us by voting us the best in Real Estate. If you are thinking about buying or selling a property, we would love to help.  Call or text us anytime at 323-842-4001, send us a message here or follow our Instagram.

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Tracy Do Real Estate tips for adopting pets in Los Angeles

A futuristic way to have a fluffy friend if you suffer from allergies, if your HOA does not allow pets, or if you’d like your new smart home features to extend to cushions, found on Kickstarter and made us smile:

“Qoobo is a robotic cushion with a tail intended to provide a sense of comfort to users. When caressed, it waves gently. When rubbed, it swings playfully. And it occasionally wags just to say hello. It’s a comforting communication that warms your heart the way that animals do. Qoobo intrigues me because the shape of the tail and the ways it moves just bring a smile to my face. When you are stressed, I think this could comfort you and heal you. It’s a refreshing concept to have humans and robots communicate only through tail movements — without relying on sounds or facial expressions.”

This innovative “pet” is currently in development by Yukai engineering, but there seems to be enough enthusiasm for the project to meet their Kickstarter fundrasing goal of of $43,884. Thus far, $47,004 has been pledged by 397 backers, and the first Qoobos should be available for purchase in June 2018.

If a “pet pillow” feels too unusual or possibly too spooky (Halloween IS just a week away!) and you would rather bring home an adorable pup or a cute kitten, we definitely recommend that you visit an animal shelter. If you live in Atwater, Santé D’Or Foundation is a wonderful animal shelter that does an amazing job of rescuing animals and nurturing them in an welcoming, kind way. A team of animal-loving volunteers works with the animals seven days a week and — unlike most shelters — the animals at Santé D’Orin Atwater Village are free to roam and play all day.


For those that live in Los Feliz or Silver Lake, The Dog Cafe is a great place to look into – run by a team of dedicated volunteers, this is a dog cafe where you can play, get to know, and adopt a pet in a casual, relaxed setting. You have to make a reservation, and for $15/hour you get a drink and 60 min of playtime with puppies that are in need of a home.

Jordan E. | Monrovia | via

If you are a resident of Echo Park, Ken-Mar Rescue is a great choice if you are planning to adopt a dog. Founded in 2007 by a pair of dog lovers, Ken Guild and Martie Petrie, this shelter has a great team that provides excellent care for their rescues – each dog receives a personality and behavioral evaluation and veterinary care care it needs upon arrival at Ken-Mar. The Echo Park non-profit is dedicated to find the proper homes for all their pets and give a future to as many needy pets as possible.

A new pet is much like an addition to a family – some adjustments are required and home environment and neighborhood are important to consider – check out this piece for advice on dog and home ownership that interviews Tracy Do, over at Real Estate section of US News, and get in touch if you need assistance with buying or selling your home.

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Something in the works | RM Schindler

A chance to represent a property designed by one the most iconic architects in Southern California is a great honor, and we are getting ready to do just that – keep an eye out for an opportunity to rent and inhabit an R.M. Schindler-designed Silver Lake home.

Famous for his idiosyncratic style that combined complex, Cubist-like sequences of forms with everyday materials such as stucco exteriors, standard wood frames, and built-in plywood, Rudolph Schindler called his own take on modern architecture “Space Architecture”, maintaining a focus on the design of interior space by carefully planning how the built environment would affect climate, light, mood, and, ultimately, the liveability of a space. 

Originally from Vienna, as a young man Rudolph studied under Otto Wagner, an Austrian architect who was one of the pioneers of the International Style that aimed to shape, rather than decorate, space built with reinforced concrete, metal, and glass. Schindler then moved to Chicago in 1914, hoping to obtain a position with Frank Lloyd Wright, whose architectural practice he had long admired from afar. The young architect’s wish came true and became the reason why we are so lucky to have his tremendous legacy in Los Angeles – it is here that Frank Lloyd Wright dispatched Schindler in 1920 to supervise the construction of FLW’s most important American commission of the time, the Hollyhock house for oil heiress Aline Barnsdall.

Schindler went on to design more than 250 houses in Los Angeles, beginning with his residence on King’s Road, now home to the MAK center for architecture. His body of work includes a number of apartment buildings, all brilliantly designed to maximize living space and create atmospheric dwellings that are as functional as they are aesthetically pleasing. We are therefore so excited to bring to the market a very special unit situated within The Sachs Apartments, also known as Manola Court. This architectural landmark was a focus of Rudolph Schindler’s work between 1926 and 1940, commissioned by his friend and client, the Romanian-born muralist and interior designer Herman Sachs, whose credits include the interior of Union Station. 

Located in the heart of Silver Lake, The Sachs Apartment complex is comprised of three buildings, gracefully cascading down a terraced hill and interconnected by a series of garden walkways and steps. The architecture appears weightless due to the building’s multitude of glass panels and network of beams and wood, which frame the balconies and patios that punctuate the site. Inside, it’s classic Schindler: the walls and ceiling are clad in gorgeous wood, with intricately designed built-in features that will accommodate all life’s moments – from solitary meditation in front of a glass wall to hosting a starlit soiree on the terrace. Available for lease early next week — stay tuned.


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new beginnings

It’s Monday — a day for new beginnings and a great time to make plans for the future. Has the abundance of pumpkins got you thinking about the holiday season? If you are suddenly realizing that 2018 is just around the corner and you are ready to set some home-ownership and investment goals for the new year, here are a couple of think pieces that will prove useful whether you are contemplating selling your house or buying a new home.

Los Angeles ranks No. 5 nationally in return on investment for long-term homeowners

This informative LA Times article bears great news if you are considering selling your current home: the story cites a study by Zillow which found that a typical Los Angeles home seller made $200,000 on the sale of a home in 2016. The author also quotes Zillow experts who confirm that buying is preferable to renting when you consider the financial benefits: “it’s financially advantageous to buy a home rather than rent if you plan on living in it for at least two years and one month, but staying much longer than that has really paid off”. Prices in Los Angeles County have steadily risen in recent years, resulting in a great return on investment for home sellers, and all of our clients have experienced this first-hand as they put up their homes for sale in Los Feliz, Silver Lake, Highland Park, Eagle Rock, and just about everywhere else in Los Angeles.

Here are 5 L.A. Neighborhoods Where You Can Still Find Houses Below $760K

If you are ready to invest in a home but feeling overwhelmed and unsure where to look, you’ll find some helpful suggestions in this thoughtful real estate piece over at LA Mag:

The story details five neighborhoods where you can still find a character home set in a picturesque setting at an affordable price, starting with Alhambra – a great choice if you are drawn to East LA.  Just earlier this year, we listed a charming two bedroom home in Alhambra at $549,000, so we can testify that you can certainly find some excellent opportunities in this neighborhood. The Valley also has some great options – we are currently working with Warmington Residential on bringing a new community of small-lot homes to Valley Glen. Spacious and elegant, the GlenLA homes are an amazing find; prices start in high $600,000’s for a brand new three bedroom residence with a private roof deck. We also agree that Ingelwood presents great potential with its forthcoming Crenshaw Line and new Hollywood Park stadium, and the artistic vibe felt throughout the former industrial spaces turned art studios in this city just east of LAX.

If you are thinking of buying or selling your residence, do get in touch and we will be happy to provide advice and support – we are just an email or a phone call away. Send us your questions and thoughts here.

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Your weekend to-do list (the fun kind)

The weekend is here and with it comes the bevy of all the things you can do in Los Angeles. What to choose? We combed through the multitude of offerings in our favorite Eastside (and beyond) neighborhoods and curated a list of the most enticing options – take a look below:


Grilled beet, hazelnut, labneh | Photo by Anne Fishbein

Nosh: get a leisurely brunch at Mh Zh, a Silver Lake gem that is small in stature but large in flavor. The Israeli/Mediterranean restaurant sits on a quiet corner in Sunset Junction and serves up a delicious fare –  we loved the grilled beets covered in roasted hazelnuts. Come for the food and stay for the atmosphere – almost entirely outside,  Mh Zh has a true sidewalk cafe vibe.

Art: catch some Pacific Standard Time programming at the Armory in Pasadena. Opening this Saturday is “Below the Underground: Renegade Art and Action in 1990s Mexico”, an exhibition that examines diverse independent artist initiatives – including street performances and interventions, clubs, collaboratively produced ‘zines, archives and collections, radio programs, and more. Come to the opening reception on Saturday, October 14 (7-9 pm) and enjoy a special DJ performance by Sonido Apokalitzin.

Dance: combine a visit to a time-honored Echo Park institution and see some cutting edge contemporary dance; see Milka Djordjevich at Bob Baker Marionette Theater. The UCLA-educated dancer, who went on to get her MFA at Sarah Lawrence, performs Anthem, a work that questions modern dance’s conventions by embracing theatricality. The performance is a part of LAX Festival, produced by Los Angeles Performance Practice. Starts at 9 p.m. Get tickets here.


Music: take a sound bath in the midst of DTLA – listen to a hundred cars’ soundsystems form the world’s largest synth orchestra at the premiere of Japanese minimalist composer Ryoji Ikeda’s “A [for 100 cars].” The free Red Bull Music Academy Festival takes place at 131 South Olive Street in Downtown L.A. at 5:30pm.

Halloween! Get into the holiday spirit aboard the Halloween Ghost Train, a family-friendly ride through a slightly spooky stretch of track in Griffith Park. Everyone’s favorite Los Angeles Live Steamers Railroad Museum tradition makes a glorious return from the dead following a year off. A short hop from Los Feliz, Silver Lake or Echo Park – stop by after visiting our Open House in Silver Lake, 1225 Manzanita St.

Nosh: contribute to relief efforts in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands by taking part in Winsome’s “No Island Left Behind”, a fund-raiser that features Puerto Rican fare, oysters and cocktails, all for $25 per person and to benefit the One America Appeal, an organization dedicated to helping hurricane victims. Echo Park, 3pm-7pm. Reserve your tickets here.

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Mid-Century gem in Eagle Rock | Dick E. Lowry AIA

1404 Oak Grove Dr. Eagle Rock | Fred Wallace Residence, Dick E. Lowry 1961

1404 Oak Grove Dr. Eagle Rock | Fred Wallace Residence, Dick E. Lowry 1961

We are so excited to be working with a home designed by LA architect Dick Edward Lowry – this is our 4th and it feels like meeting an old friend. Born in Canada in 1922 and raised in Los Angeles, Dick was the youngest of 4 brothers. It seems that an affinity for architecture ran in the family – Dick’s father, Joseph Lowry, was a building contractor and finish carpenter. Dick was just 19 years old when WWII struck, enlisting and serving in the US Army through the end of the war. Upon return, Lowry enrolled at the USC School of Architecture, the epicenter of architectural thought at the time, ideally situated at the intersection of European modernism and local vernacular influences – the perfect environment to develop new regional architectural forms, the ones that we now know and love as Mid-Century Modern. Mr. Lowry went on to have a successful architecture practice and lived much of his life in Silver Lake and Los Feliz, where his work remains in lasting legacy.

6559 Spruce Drive, Angelus Oaks | Mr. Lowry’s family vacation home

Dick E. Lowry’s homes espoused the essential mid-century design tenets – the graceful post+beam constructions he built were nestled into the site and harmonious with surrounding nature. Inside, his spaces expressed the humanistic approach of MCM, seeking to meet the needs of basic human desires for livability – to shelter and rest, to be social and active.

2052 Mayview Drive, Los Feliz | Mr. Lowry’s personal residence where he lived with his family

As such, Lowry’s layouts alternate opacity of private spaces with transparent spaciousness of living quarters, where floor-to-ceiling glass walls create a feeling of expanse by bringing the landscape and natural light indoors – all qualities that are present in our current listing, the stunning 1404 Oak Grove Dr he built in Eagle Rock in 1961.


 Come visit our Open House this Sat. and Sun from 2-4P and experience the transcendent magic of MCM design in person. Meanwhile, dip into the 20th century and enjoy these archival photographs that tell the story of this warm architectural home:

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Real Estate Zen


photo by Steffi Victorioso

We came across this LAMag story about Skyscraper Yoga and instantly thought that this is a perfect class for someone that is buying or selling a home! Nothing like a view that reaches beyond the horizon to remind us of the infinity of opportunities that await at every corner. The yoga sessions are held every 4th Saturday at 6 am on the deck of OUE Skyspace LA at the US Bank Tower, California’s tallest open-air observation deck, where you can greet the sunrise, “ommm”, and contemplate the expanse of our abundant landscape with thousands of homes – a boundless sea of possibilities. There is a class this Saturday, August 26th, and one more session is scheduled on September 23rd; more details here or you can call (213) 894-9000 to see if you can reserve a spot.

photo by Steffi Victorioso

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You Can Buy a Home – Let Warmington Residential Show You How

Warmington Residential, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage and Tracy Do invite you to a free workshop,
“How to Buy a Home.”  RSVP to claim your spot.

Owning a home is more within reach than many people realize, and has advantages over renting. Discover how much home you can afford, what is required for a down payment, your financing options — and more. We’re here to provide knowledge and answer your questions, so that you can make great decisions and take control.

• When: Saturday, August 12 at 10AM
• Where: Concorde Career College
• 12412 Victory Blvd, North Hollywood 91606

Attend and win a $100 tablet! RSVP is required and you must be present to enter the raffle. Refreshments will be served.


Warmington Residential is the proud builder of these new
home communities which are now accepting reservations:

The Glen LA. Spacious new single-family homes in Valley Glen with 3 bedrooms,
3.5 bathrooms, an attached two-car garage and private rooftop deck with 360° views.
Starting in the high $600,000’s.

The E.R.B. Mixed-use and single-family residences in Eagle Rock with up
2,600 square feet of space. Starting in the high $700’000’s.

RSVP by email or call our sales team at 818-572-6589.
We look forward to seeing you!

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