The Glen LA – Reserve Your Home Today!

This coming fall The Glen LA will open to the public, offering the First Phase of 8 beautiful new homes for sale. You can reserve yours today as part of our exclusive pre-sale program.

Why reserve now? Because early buyers enjoy tremendous benefits including:

  • First choice of location.
  • The ability to customize your home to your specific taste.
  • Increased buying power with access to pricing incentives that are not available to anyone else.

For the first 3 home buyers, Warmington Residential is offering a BONUS PACKAGE of incentives toward your purchase.

Prices at The Glen LA start in the high $600,000’s for a detached single-family residence with 3 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, an attached two-car garage and private rooftop deck. Head to the to view floor plans, a site map, and an impressive list of included features.

For more information and to book your private tour, email or call our sales team at 818-572-6589.

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Painting the town a cool grey

We knew already that LA is the city of cool, but it is now official: our fair town is the first in all of the US to test the on-road use of cool pavement to combat urban heat. If you missed the NY Times piece, it’s worth taking a look- the story reports that a pilot CoolSeal coating of a few Canoga Park streets just weeks ago has the local residents already feeling noticeably cooler. Los Angeles’s chief sustainability officer, Matt Peterson,  said that “test applications of this innovative street coat shown a 10-degree reduction in heat gain”, which is an impressive number that is certain to have positive effects on energy costs and will greatly benefit Angelino home owners.  It’s great to see the city actively working towards a more sustainable future in its practices – this is just one measure among many initiatives, including  ongoing work on implementing local solar and improving the air quality, that are a part of the Sustainable City pLAn that you can learn more about here.

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State of the market: strong and stable

It is no secret that Los Angeles has been undergoing a real estate boom: the latest Zillow “Real Estate Market Report” puts the median price for Los Angeles and O.C. home at $604,400, a rise of 6 percent compared with last year. Meanwhile, the New York Times California Today edition this morning cites a new report from data company CoreLogic  of $1 million homes in the state in the first part of the year have risen, while sales for less than $500,000 were at an all-time low.

The good news is is that is that while the market is at a high point, it is also quite stable. A case in point is this Q&A with Robert Sulentic, chief executive of Fortune 500 CBRE Group over at LAtimes, a nice overview of the state of affairs that hits all the main points of why LA’s market position is stable and confident. Reason one: Los Angeles, unlike SF and San Jose, has strong job growth. Secondly, a city with historic neighbourhoods, scenic mountains and beaches, Los Angeles is also quite expansive, making it an attractive place to tech industry that’s feeling the lack of office space in Silicon Valley. LA’s emissions program is another big draw, particularly for millennials that are looking to move to a cleaner and more environmentally friendly city.

Sulentic goes on to say that he expects that the economy will sustain growth into next year and describes the market at its most organized that he had ever seen in his long career: “The industry is capitalized and managed more transparently and thoughtfully than it has been historically, with less easy money floating around. Banks got smarter, equity sources got smarter and developers got smarter and more conservative. Compared to 25 years ago, the business is more transparent, professional and institutional. That makes a crash less likely.” And, might we add, the interest rates are low, so this remains a great time to become a home owner. The market will prove challenging to navigate without guidance, so do reach out if you are thinking of buying or selling- we are just a message (or a phone call) away.

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Up-and-coming neighbourhood : the Valley Glen

Delighted to see the wonderful neighbourhood of The Glen LA Homes, Valley Glen, profiled in the Los Angeles Times. A great overview of its rich history and a forecast that we couldn’t agree more with – indeed, Valley Glen is “really starting to take off” with new home construction, restaurants and retailers on the way. We are so proud to take part of this great neighbourhood’s growth – contact us to learn more about the new The Glen LA Homes at and visit for more information.

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Reading LA with Eve Babitz


It’s  always a special pleasure to read books set in Los Angeles and realize, time and time and again, how lucky we are to live in this mythical and storied city. The 1960’s and 70’s LA in particular has a special aura about it, an atmosphere that Eve Babitz, whose work was recently reissued by New York Review Books Classics, captured so well. The tomes in question are “Eve’s Hollywood”, first published in 1974 is a fictional memoir, and the essay collection “Slow Days, Fast Company: The World, the Flesh, and L.A.,” which originally saw light in 1977.  Both books draw on Babitz’s  glittering  coming of age in the post-war Los Angeles: born in 1943 to a musician father and an artist mother and with a Igor Stravinsky as a godfather, Eve was the muse that inspired Jim Morrison to write LA Woman , a romantic interest of Ed Ruscha and a belle de jour that gained notoriety when photographed while playing chess with Marcel Duchamp au naturel at Duchamp’s retrospective at the Pasadena Museum of Art in 1963. Babitz’s prose is brilliant and cool –  get a taste of it over at the Curbed LA’s amazing “Eve Babitz’s guide to Los Angeles” , which they describe as a “tour of the writer’s sexy, smoggy city of the 1960s and ’70s”.


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In the News!

So pleased to have our Silver Lake listings showcased on CurbedLA this week. You don’t want to miss seeing this stunning historic Craftsman in person – stop by our Open House this Sunday, from 2-4PM at 1149 Manzanita St., 90029.

We’ve actually been fortunate to appear in Curbed on numerous occasions lately: Tracy recently returned to Open Thread to answer questions and comment on the state of LA Real Estate market (find some helpful tips on bidding alongside all-cash buyers and suggestions for the first time home buyers at the link), and COVO, our listing of 10 small lot homes in Silver Lake, was the topic of a CurbedLA feature just 2 weeks ago.

Meanwhile, COVO and its builder, Planet Home Living, also enjoyed a mention in the LA Times:

Last weekend, builder Planet Home Living held a grand opening for a Silver Lake 10-home subdivision built on small lots. Before any prospective buyers showed up, six of the $1-million houses were already in escrow after the Newport Beach firm contacted people who signed a list of interested buyers.
“Four hundred people on an interest list, that’s a lot for 10 homes,” said the company’s chief executive, Michael Marini. “Anything in L.A. that we build, it sells out immediately.”

The response has indeed been tremendous, so if you are interested in COVO, do let us know – only 2 homes remain at this time. We’ll be open this Saturday, May 6 & Sunday, May 7 from 2-5PM, find us at 1433 Waterloo St. 90026.



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Density and Sustainability

Rush hour on 110, by Gerald Forbes, 1972.

Most of LA housing was built in relationship to the picturesque and expansive landscape that it inhabits – spreading wide across the hills and valleys. It would seem that building sparsely would have resulted in a scenario where both urban and natural environments could co-exist peacefully and harmoniously. Alas, that did not turn out to be the case and nature is making its displeasure known – a case in point is the recent multi-year drought. Now is the time to explore other urban models and strategies, ones that would lead to mitigating the potentially devastating effects of climate change, so it was very exciting to come across an intriguing study conducted by the Bay area thinktank Next 10; this study focuses on the effects of greater density on neighborhoods where “compact housing in already urbanized land near transit, jobs, and services” is added.

This research suggests that living in these “infill areas” would lessen the effects of climate change: by living closer to the workplace, school and public transit, the average Angeleno’s drive would be shortened by 18 miles per weekday, meaning an annual reduction of 1.79 million metric tons in greenhouse gas emissions, which, according to our friends at CurbedLA, equals to taking 378,000 cars off the road and helps the state meet its emissions-reduction goals. Take a look at the Next 10 study here or catch the analysis over at ConstructionDive.

Our takeaway from the study is that small lot homes are definitely one of the ways of the future, and we are proud to be working with new communities like TheERB and TheGlenLA  that espouse an eco-conscious small footprint approach to building.  Interest lists for both developments are growing fast, which is exciting! You can sign up at the links above and, as usual, if you have any other real estate questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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wellness spaces

Here’s a great piece from Construction Dive discussing the rise of the wellness-minded spaces. As environmentally friendly approaches to design and architecture have become more wide-spread, the next big trend in residential development that’s certain to affect the real estate industry is a new kind of smart home, a domicile designed to sustain the inner wellbeing.

Tracing the origins of wellness spaces to the holistic work-life balance lifestyles that prevail among millennials, the editorial touches upon the emergence of corporate cultures that explore the link between wellness and productivity by structuring work environments with atmosphere of wellness (this might include features like relaxation areas, high quality lightning, gyms etc). Once a healthier workspace is a given, it makes sense that a similar expectation from the domestic space would follow suit. Aligning personal wellness strategies  to habitation choices might look like this:

Through the state-of-the-art systems that can, for example, introduce and circulate probiotics in the air, diffuse homeopathic scents throughout the home at the push of a smartphone button, coax residents into a natural circadian rhythm and create stepped water purification systems, homeowners can create a space that connects the dots of their attempts at a healthier lifestyle.

Sounds incredible, but there is just one thing: to even begin connecting the dots, one first needs a quality space. Our new listing, an eco-conscious, energy-efficient build, fits the bill exactly. A suite of six contemporary homes, these beautiful residences in Los Feliz Village feature sustainable energy-saving systems like Hydrostop cool roofing, water-conserving faucets, and built in electrical conduits for future solar panel installation and future EV charge station. A perfect setting for all your smart home ideas- join our Broker’s Open this Thursday from 6-8PM and Open House this weekend from 2-5PM. 1759 N. New Hampshire Avenue, 90027.

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The Return of Angels Flight



















A bit of lovely news about the Angels Flight, the very short and steep Los Angeles funicular: it is scheduled to resume operations in just a few months, on Labor Day. It seems an appropriate date, given the railway storied past of ferrying thousands of working Angelino’s from downtown to Bunker Hill. Over at the LA Times, David Ulin  writes about the history of the railway and shares a personal account of his relationship to this cultural landmark, astutely capturing the powerful role that architecture, and by extension, real estate, play in our lives:

When my son, Noah, was little — 3, 4 and 5 — we rode Angels Flight all the time. We would take the Purple Line downtown from Wilshire and Western, get off at Pershing Square, walk a block or so down Hill Street and ride the funicular up and down. Those excursions are part of what Angels Flight represents, at least to me.

In part, this is a matter of nostalgia, but it is also something more. Cities are built of memories as much as they are constructed out of steel and stone. When I walk by the orange arch on Hill Street, with its Beaux Arts flourishes, I recognize that Angels Flight remains a relic of the city as it was in 1901, but I’m mostly reminded of my own history in the place, all those Saturdays and Sundays with my son.

It’s amazing how much history is packed in just one bit of city infrastructure. Looking forward to making new memories come Labor day – though can only hope to be as stylish as the fashionable commuters in 1965.

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