It’s the spookiest month of the season, and while autumnal foliage is sparse in Los Angeles, pumpkins have indeed appeared, so fall is definitely in the air! The days are getting noticeably shorter, but we know just the way to keep the early twilight blues at bay – and the answer lies in lighting. A strategically placed lamp is certain to brighten your evening and update your space for the season. Good lighting is so important and we are passionate about design, so we thought this a perfect opportunity to curate a selection of lamps and pendants that we admire and hope you’ll enjoy. Keep on reading to find design inspiration for your home this fall!

Ceramic Lantern by Morgan Peck

We already mentioned how much we love the sculptural practice of Los Angeles-based artist Morgan Peck. Her newest collection of functional ceramics is equally enchanting, and includes gorgeous cylindrical lamps that feature cut-outs, a design that will produce a magical, shadow-play effect when illuminated.


Scandi Lighting Ideas

Nordic designers traditionally don’t get much sunny weather so they are pretty great at conjuring warm interiors with light – here’s to coziness of hygge and elegant simplicity of lagom. We love this clever rocky table lamp by Jonas Edvard of Copenhagen:


we also find this sharp lighting-shaped pendant by Lotta Lampa of Stockholm quite delightful:

and we are big fans of this luminous glass lamp by Norwegian Duo Domaas/Høgh


Italian Illumination

Italy has a long-standing reputation for excelling at both lighting and glass design. A case in point is this dainty lamp, a sphere in hand-blown white satin glass, elegantly suspended within a thin metal structure, designed by Francesco Librizzi:

Cosmic Wonder in Your Living Room

And last, but not least, of our design picks today is another Angeleno designer: Brandon Ravenhill takes on the familiar mid-century modern sputnik shape and reworks it into an inspired chandelier that resonates with celestial beauty that would look stunning in every interior, whether your home is a Craftsman Bungalow in Silver Lake or a contemporary home in North Hollywood. 

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