Millennial home buying trends have been the subject of much industry scrutiny in recent years. Some claim that the touted urban lifestyle is but a passing phase, that it will lose its allure, and that millennials will follow the steps of their parents and move to the suburbs when the time comes to start a family. Others speculate that co-living and sharing housing became the norm for so many young people that it disrupted the very idea of homeownership, with people increasingly delaying buying into their thirties.

Our guess is that the truth is somewhere in the middle- there will be those that will move to the suburbs and those that will remain loyal to the urban hub. Regardless of the the route one takes, the benefits of owning a home are indisputable, and the earlier one gets into the market, the better. And if that seems a mere dream, we are happy to bring you the news that according to this story, owning a home before 30 is an actual possibility. The author, Sharon St. John, does a great job of demystifying the journey to homeownership by parsing it into a series of smart, manageable, and even fun steps. Head over to to read the article and get inspired, and if you are thinking of buying a home or would like to discuss your goals, do get in touch.



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