Zillow says that LA and Orange County are the least-affordable housing markets in the entire country right now (ouch), projecting that rents will only continue to rise in the coming year along with housing prices. Read the LA Times’ and Curbed LA’s coverage of the story and ask yourself: do you really want to keep plowing your money into paying someone else’s mortgage? Probably not. Which means the time to buy is now.

IMG_0831Lot #10 under construction. This 3-bedroom, 2.5 bathroom home has already been reserved at a sale price in the mid-high $500,000’s.

At NELA Union we’re offering beautifully designed modern homes in the heart of fast-rising Glassell Park. These residences are newly-built and warrantied from top-to-bottom for a full year, plus another ten years on the big stuff. With prices starting in the high $400,000’s, they are a comparative bargain in today’s market. Read this story on the EastsiderLA which breaks down what $550,000 buys you today in Glassell Park. Then come see NELA Union, where the combination of price, quality and design make this the best bang-for-your buck location on the Eastside, by far.

We’re on the web at nelaunion.com, or call us at 626-204-7109. Sales are being handled by Tracy Do Real Estate.

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