We knew already that LA is the city of cool, but it is now official: our fair town is the first in all of the US to test the on-road use of cool pavement to combat urban heat. If you missed the NY Times piece, it’s worth taking a look- the story reports that a pilot CoolSeal coating of a few Canoga Park streets just weeks ago has the local residents already feeling noticeably cooler. Los Angeles’s chief sustainability officer, Matt Peterson,  said that “test applications of this innovative street coat shown a 10-degree reduction in heat gain”, which is an impressive number that is certain to have positive effects on energy costs and will greatly benefit Angelino home owners.  It’s great to see the city actively working towards a more sustainable future in its practices – this is just one measure among many initiatives, including  ongoing work on implementing local solar and improving the air quality, that are a part of the Sustainable City pLAn that you can learn more about here.

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