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KCET is running a clip about the rancor over our city’s Small Lot Ordinance, a bill which passed rather quietly several years ago but is resonating louder as it is increasingly implemented. The measure allows for multiple small-footprint houses to be built on properties that were previously occupied by a single dwelling. On the Eastside, SLO developments have found eager buyers who are attracted to the design, technology and inner-city access that many of the Small Lot developments provide. Opposing them are the people who dislike the SLO, and have formed neighborhood coalitions to curb or even stop the development of these new homes.

This under-8-minute piece on the KCET website is a quick primer and presents the views of both sides. Are Small Lot developments an “out of character” nuisance that only serve to displace affordable housing? Or are they the energy-and-water efficient path to growing denser, more walkable neighborhoods in our urban core?

Watch the clip and decide for yourself. At TDRE we support the Small Lot Ordinance, and always hope that the homes are built to the proportion, character and spirit of the location that they occupy. We certainly understand the controversy. But with prices high and inventory low, home buyers need options. The SLO is providing them, and we would be very happy to introduce you to a Small Lot home.

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