It’s Monday — a day for new beginnings and a great time to make plans for the future. Has the abundance of pumpkins got you thinking about the holiday season? If you are suddenly realizing that 2018 is just around the corner and you are ready to set some home-ownership and investment goals for the new year, here are a couple of think pieces that will prove useful whether you are contemplating selling your house or buying a new home.

Los Angeles ranks No. 5 nationally in return on investment for long-term homeowners

This informative LA Times article bears great news if you are considering selling your current home: the story cites a study by Zillow which found that a typical Los Angeles home seller made $200,000 on the sale of a home in 2016. The author also quotes Zillow experts who confirm that buying is preferable to renting when you consider the financial benefits: “it’s financially advantageous to buy a home rather than rent if you plan on living in it for at least two years and one month, but staying much longer than that has really paid off”. Prices in Los Angeles County have steadily risen in recent years, resulting in a great return on investment for home sellers, and all of our clients have experienced this first-hand as they put up their homes for sale in Los Feliz, Silver Lake, Highland Park, Eagle Rock, and just about everywhere else in Los Angeles.

Here are 5 L.A. Neighborhoods Where You Can Still Find Houses Below $760K

If you are ready to invest in a home but feeling overwhelmed and unsure where to look, you’ll find some helpful suggestions in this thoughtful real estate piece over at LA Mag:

The story details five neighborhoods where you can still find a character home set in a picturesque setting at an affordable price, starting with Alhambra – a great choice if you are drawn to East LA.  Just earlier this year, we listed a charming two bedroom home in Alhambra at $549,000, so we can testify that you can certainly find some excellent opportunities in this neighborhood. The Valley also has some great options – we are currently working with Warmington Residential on bringing a new community of small-lot homes to Valley Glen. Spacious and elegant, the GlenLA homes are an amazing find; prices start in high $600,000’s for a brand new three bedroom residence with a private roof deck. We also agree that Ingelwood presents great potential with its forthcoming Crenshaw Line and new Hollywood Park stadium, and the artistic vibe felt throughout the former industrial spaces turned art studios in this city just east of LAX.

If you are thinking of buying or selling your residence, do get in touch and we will be happy to provide advice and support – we are just an email or a phone call away. Send us your questions and thoughts here.

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