From Matthew Boesler of the Business Insider: “Credit Suisse analyst Daniel Oppenheim states that ‘the breadth of strength in both pricing and traffic at the start of spring selling season’ is ‘unprecedented.’ Oppenheim says real estate agents are ‘widely citing increased buyer urgency due to the combination of persistent inventory shortages (driving prices higher) and signs of mortgage rates moving higher.'”

We can relate. Multiple bidders, all-cash offers — we’re seeing some heated competition in this market. But let’s all take a deep breath and slow down. As of today, mortgage rates are holding steady. So before you get swept up in any kind of stampede to the housing market, try the simpler and far less stressful approach of contacting Tracy Do Real Estate. We’re a team of well-connected, clear-thinking, highly experienced agents. We’ll sit down with you, listen to your goals and map a plan for getting the house you want. Head here to see what people are saying about us. Connect with us directly by email to, or by text to 323-842-4001.

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