Obviously “water” (and the lack of it) has been a hot topic in our local public discourse lately. Did you know that there’s a bunch of great ways to save money by using less of it? Tracy Do Real Estate team member Swan picked up a rain barrel for $85, then turned around a got a sweet rebate for $85. That’s right, the rain barrel that helps water her garden — and looks great by the way — cost $0 and just a little bit of her time.

That’s just one of several cool programs here in the LA area that reward responsible energy use. If you’re about to buy a new appliance such as a refrigerator, washer/dryer, air conditioner, pool pump (among others)¬†the LADWP will give you money provided you buy models that are “Energy Star” rated.

The Gas Company is another local agency that offers some generous givebacks to homeowners who are willing to take a few steps to make their homes more energy smart. The opportunities are out there, homeowners and home buyers, and require just a small investment of time to reap rewards. Save energy, save money, truly everybody wins.

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