photo by Steffi Victorioso

We came across this LAMag story about Skyscraper Yoga and instantly thought that this is a perfect class for someone that is buying or selling a home! Nothing like a view that reaches beyond the horizon to remind us of the infinity of opportunities that await at every corner. The yoga sessions are held every 4th Saturday at 6 am on the deck of OUE Skyspace LA at the US Bank Tower, California’s tallest open-air observation deck, where you can greet the sunrise, “ommm”, and contemplate the expanse of our abundant landscape with thousands of homes – a boundless sea of possibilities. There is a class this Saturday, August 26th, and one more session is scheduled on September 23rd; more details here or you can call (213) 894-9000 to see if you can reserve a spot.

photo by Steffi Victorioso

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