1404 Oak Grove Dr. Eagle Rock | Fred Wallace Residence, Dick E. Lowry 1961

1404 Oak Grove Dr. Eagle Rock | Fred Wallace Residence, Dick E. Lowry 1961

We are so excited to be working with a home designed by LA architect Dick Edward Lowry – this is our 4th and it feels like meeting an old friend. Born in Canada in 1922 and raised in Los Angeles, Dick was the youngest of 4 brothers. It seems that an affinity for architecture ran in the family – Dick’s father, Joseph Lowry, was a building contractor and finish carpenter. Dick was just 19 years old when WWII struck, enlisting and serving in the US Army through the end of the war. Upon return, Lowry enrolled at the USC School of Architecture, the epicenter of architectural thought at the time, ideally situated at the intersection of European modernism and local vernacular influences – the perfect environment to develop new regional architectural forms, the ones that we now know and love as Mid-Century Modern. Mr. Lowry went on to have a successful architecture practice and lived much of his life in Silver Lake and Los Feliz, where his work remains in lasting legacy.

6559 Spruce Drive, Angelus Oaks | Mr. Lowry’s family vacation home

Dick E. Lowry’s homes espoused the essential mid-century design tenets – the graceful post+beam constructions he built were nestled into the site and harmonious with surrounding nature. Inside, his spaces expressed the humanistic approach of MCM, seeking to meet the needs of basic human desires for livability – to shelter and rest, to be social and active.

2052 Mayview Drive, Los Feliz | Mr. Lowry’s personal residence where he lived with his family

As such, Lowry’s layouts alternate opacity of private spaces with transparent spaciousness of living quarters, where floor-to-ceiling glass walls create a feeling of expanse by bringing the landscape and natural light indoors – all qualities that are present in our current listing, the stunning 1404 Oak Grove Dr he built in Eagle Rock in 1961.


 Come visit our Open House this Sat. and Sun from 2-4P and experience the transcendent magic of MCM design in person. Meanwhile, dip into the 20th century and enjoy these archival photographs that tell the story of this warm architectural home:

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